Being successful is as much about a mindset and a way of life, as it is about an inherent ability, and that is reflected in a successful person’s home, as well as at work. So, what does a successful person have, hidden away at home that helps make them a success? Read on and find out, ten things that many successful people keep at home:

1. An inspiration might strike at any time, so they keep a notepad at hand

Our first thing that successful people keep with them, even at home, is surprisingly quite basic. It’s a notebook! They are usually very well organised people and they know that inspiration might strike at any time, so they keep a notebook to hand, to jot down those random thoughts as soon as they occur.

2. Successful people know that a healthy body means a keen mind, so they have a kitchen full of healthy food in their home

You won’t find just beer and the remnants of last night’s pizza in a successful person’s fridge. They will have it stocked with healthy, fresh ingredients, because they know that a healthy body means a keen mind.

3. There are books, lots of books around them

Successful people are always keen to learn and they will have plenty of books around them. It won’t just be motivational books and business reference guides, it will also be literature and history books, so they can understand the world around them better.

4. A proper dining area

Successful people tend to have a better grasp of the importance of having balance in their life. It is unlikely that they eat their meals while watching TV or answering emails, because they know they have to switch off sometimes and enjoy some time with the family.

5. A dedicated, inspiring and comfortable workspace

Having a dedicated working area is another way that successful people can separate their working life for their rest and relaxation time. They will have a quiet area in the home, where they can work uninterrupted and, when they’ve finished, they can shut the door on it and leave it alone.

6. A good, fast internet connection

A good, hard wired internet connection is a must for most successful people. When they do have to work at home, they don’t want to be waiting hours for downloads or find that they are offline, so they will invest in good, fast broadband connection.

7. A list of their goals displayed in a prominent position to motivate them

Successful people are goals orientated and they won’t want to lose sight of their goals. They will probably have them displayed in a prominent position, on a whiteboard, perhaps, in their work area.

8. Somewhere to work out

As well as eating healthy, they are probably likely to want to keep themselves fit too. Somewhere in the home of a successful person, you will find a home gym or other workout equipment. At the very least, you will find a pair of running shoes.

9. An alarm clock, set for early in the morning

These people don’t stay in bed until 11am; they will want to get an early start, every morning. Successful people make the most of all their available time and that includes the early hours of the morning.

10. Sign of non-work related hobby

Successful people quite often have some surprising hobbies. It’s often something that they can do with their hands, like painting or sculpting. It’s something that can take them completely away from work for a while, so they can wind down and relax.